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the following industries


Interactive Panels offers a range of solutions designed for active learning, participation and engagement. Our interactive technologies create an environment that is collaborative and fun in order to promote learning ensure your students excel.


We specifically cater to the Municipal, State and Federal Government sector. We help government organisations to streamline processes and collaborate more effectively. Interactive Panels offers a range of solutions to assist government departments and organisations to connect and achieve results.


With the fast paced expansion and growth of tech companies comes the need for cutting edge technology to inspire and connect. That’s where Interactive Panels comes in. We help IT companies, from start-ups to large multinationals, collaborate and communicate with ease so they can stay focused on what they do best: innovate.


When security is key, Interactive Panels knows how to deliver. Our in built security means that we can provide support for sensitive projects. We have the capabilities to deliver fast and dynamic communications for the Department of Defence and can meet the requirements of a range of organisations where safeguarding information is vital.


Interactive Panels communication and collaboration solutions help finance teams work more productively across time-zones and different offices. Streamlined processes allow for faster decision making processes and digital workspaces mean improved productivity across the board.


Our technology breaks down the barriers, which means doctors and health-care professionals across the world can connect and deliver telemedical services and time sensitive advice anywhere at any time. Whether it’s accessing expert skills for a remote location or collaborating to continue education and improving services, Interactive Panels has a vital role to play.


Designing is simplified with Interactive Panel’s cutting edge technology. Engage, collaborate, inspire. We bring different disciplines together using the latest visual and interactive displays. Our solutions can assist all elements of planning, building and design with seamless integration and innovative ideation software.


Connectivity is vital for the energy and resources sector. With different entities, offices and employees located in opposite regions of the globe, remote collaboration offers cost-efficient and time-saving solutions for the industry. Interactive Panels can provide tools to integrate systems and enhance remote access, increasing profitability and productivity.


From remote video evidence in courtrooms, to complex mediations as well as assisting the legal departments in top firms, Interactive Panels has the solutions. Assisting in complex negotiations in an evolving legal landscape, technology has been an essential element in many successful outcomes. Integration, efficiency and reliability are key to improving legal communications and assisting the judicial process.

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