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anytime, anywhere.

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RICOH’s Interactive Whiteboard technology facilitates this new era of collaborative working and learning. Ensure your workplace is developing and communicating quickly and effectively.

It’s not just about efficiency and productivity, it’s about inspiration and vision. Find the right solution for you.

Ricoh Interactive Panels 01:15

Ricoh brings the new Interactive Whiteboards: D5520, D6510 and D7500. All models are ready for videoconferencing with embedded microphone and speakers.

Ricoh Features 03:37

The Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard has many interesting features.

Out with the Old, In with the New 02:47

See the benefits of Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard, collaborate remotely and share easily.

Smart Device Connector 02:47

You can operate a multifunction product by just holding the smart device over it, and you can operate a projector or electronic whiteboard by just reading a QR code.

Case Study Corporate 02:24

See how DallasDay uses our Whiteboards to realise designs across borders.

Case Study Education 02:42

Wellers Hill State School is a bilingual independent primary school utilizing Ricoh’s Interactive Flat Panels in numerous applications to aid with learning.

Case Study Education 02:25

Customer Use Case – Melba College , AUSTRALIA.

Case Study Education 01:18

In today’s New World of Work, people and business expect instant access to information, at any time from any location

Collaboration 03:59

With the Ricoh Interactive Whiteboard D5510, you can connect up to eight Ricoh Interactive Whiteboards or Ricoh Interactive Business Projection Systems across your network so all participants can communicate.

Technology that connects

in a disconnected world.

Suitable For
  • Corporate Workplaces
  • Government Departments
  • Education Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Conference Centres
  • High Resolution
  • LED Backlight touchscreen
  • Real time remote image sharing
  • Handwriting recognition OCR
  • Fully customisable
Used by
  • Office Managers
  • IT Personnel
  • Marketing Departments
  • Directors
  • Training and Workshop Facilitators
We Provide
  • Custom Built Solutions
  • End-to-end Service
  • Management of Installation
  • Personalised Training
  • Ongoing Maintenance
Small Office or Huddle Room.

Ideal for groups of 4 - 6

Make sure you’re getting the most out of brainstorming sessions and small meetings. RICOH has interactive platforms so you can share and develop ideas with the capability to save work to folders or email for later reference.

Standard Office.

Ideal for groups of 8-10

There is no excuse for meetings to be dull. Inspire and connect with RICOH’s technology especially designed for office spaces. Intuitive technology that’s flexible enough to be customised to suit your needs.


Ideal for groups of 8-12

Control admin settings remotely with protection from McAfee whitelist anti-virus software. Optional wireless connectivity removes the need for network cables from input devices. Remote access is PIN code protected so that only authorised users have administrative privileges.

Large Meeting Room.

Ideal for groups of 12 or more

You can write, draw, edit, resize and move information on diagrams, graphics and images. Graphs and charts can be enriched with embedded shapes and drawings. Add ideas and suggestions from participants to presentations in real-time. Save content as searchable PDF files for future reference.

Large Room.

Ideal for groups of 15 or more

Whether you want a stand, the option to wheel panels between locations, or prefer wall mounted for a large room, the choice is yours. Flexible display and audio options allow for a totally customisable experience that’s right for you.

Training or Classroom.

Ideal for groups of 15 or more

Interaction and discussion is the key to learning. RICOH facilitates the learning process by ensuring lessons, lectures and workshops stimulate and inspire. Allowing graphics, images, diagrams and videos to come to life as well as being annotated and revised.

Think outside the screen.

The way we work has changed. The tools we work with have evolved too. Find the right technology for your workplace.